Woodside High School

Year 6 Transition

We have a well-established programme which makes the transition from primary to secondary school as smooth as possible. Please take some time to look at our resources here.

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Why do we do it?

  • It consolidates and extends your learning
  • It develops your independent learning
  • It informs and involves your parents/carers in your learning

What home-learning can you expect to get?

You will be given home learning that is relevant and extends your learning. You will receive feedback on your home learning from your teachers and/or peers. You may be asked to complete home-learning online using websites such as Sam Learning and My Maths.

Frequency of home-learning

- Key Stage 3
Homework will be set weekly in Maths, English and Science 
Homework will be set every two weeks in all other subjects.
- Key Stage 4 
All subjects will set homework once a week

What happens if I don’t do my home-learning?

If home learning is not handed in on time you will get an instant C3 detention. This will be recorded on your behaviour log. Your teacher is likely to contact your parents/carers and you will not make as much progress as you should.

Renaissance Reading

We believe that reading is the most important skill students can develop at school. Each student in years 7-9 will read for 20 minutes during the school day, have one reading lesson a week and read each evening at home. Students in Year 10 and 11 will also read for 20 minutes during the school day and be expected to read each evening at home.

Step 1: Students read a book within their ability range, which is known as zone of proximal development (ZPD). There are a plethora of books for students to choose from and students can even request for books to be put on the Accelerated Reader programme. Students must keep a record of their reading on their ‘Renaissance Reader’ bookmark.

Step 2: Once students have finished their books, they take a comprehension quiz.

Step 3: A report is generated after a quiz, which provides an opportunity to monitor the progress students are making and keep them motivated in the programme.