Woodside High School

Year 6 Transition

We have a well-established programme which makes the transition from primary to secondary school as smooth as possible. Please take some time to look at our resources here.

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Post 16

Students from Woodside progress well into Post-16 education and training, with almost all students going on to take A-Levels or Post-16 courses at either local schools or 6th Form Colleges.

In 2016, from 156 students, 154 went into further education at either A-Level or BTEC level 1, 2 or 3. One student pursued an Apprenticeship and one student re-sat their GCSEs at college. More detailed information can be found here - 

Woodside High School provides a comprehensive package of impartial careers-advice and guidance, work experience, inspirational experiences, business-focused workshops and aspiration days throughout years 7 - 11 to help inspire and inform our students about their future employment options and help them make the right choices as they graduate from Woodside and move forward in their careers and education.

For more information, speak to our dedicated Information, Advice and Guidance Officer Ms. N. Irencin on 020 8889 6761 or 

Below is a list of the Colleges and Sixth Form centres located in north and central London; please click on the link to visit their website and see what they have to offer