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Woodside High featured at Glastonbury!

Woodside High’s Oxfam Youth Ambassadors have produced another amazing banner for Glastonbury to raise awareness of the persecution of refugees. The banner is one of 20 schools across the country selectedby Oxfam to be displayed in the VIP area where headliners such as Ed Sheeran, Radiohead and Foo Fighters move between the festival’s main stages.

Schoolchildren were asked to use their imagination to draw on the theme of separated families in their artwork. They were free to use paints or to decorate the panel with items sewn onto the fabric. All 20 panels were displayed at Oxfam's headquarters in Oxford before being transported to Glastonbury Festival.

The young artists have spent weeks decorating a giant panel the size of a bus shelter before it was packed off to Worthy Farm in Somerset. The Woodside High School Oxfam Youth Ambassadors enjoyed the challenge of creating a powerful image to captivate the festival goers and to highlight the plight of refugees.

‘I am amazed how powerful and effective their creative ideas look to show their support and empathy to refugees. This was achieved by hard work and effective teamwork to produce a strong and clear idea.'

Ms Preston Art & Design teacher

“I am honestly so proud of how well we worked together. The end product looks brilliant– it was worth staying after school to achieve such an amazing banner. I love how we added a mirror to engage with people in an interactive way to emphasis our point”.

Mahema Kalam, Year 9

The art project is being organised by Oxfam as part of its Stand As One campaign to support some of the 65 million people – half of them children – forced from their homes due to conflict and persecution. Oxfam is calling on the Government to make it easier for refugee families to overcome separation and reunite in the UK.

Josephine Liebl, Oxfam's policy advisor on refugees, said: "These young artists are helping to deliver an important message to some of the world's most famous rock stars. We are facing the biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War and families are often torn apart in the upheaval. Our Government can do much more to ensure that refugees have the best chances of reuniting with their loved ones in the UK."

“The Oxfam Youth Ambassador programme gives students the opportunity to learn more about important global issues. The theme this year of the persecution of refugees has captured students' imaginations and they have worked incredibly hard on their art piece. It is a wonderful platform for students to share their message not only at Glastonbury but with the wider community through Oxfam."

Gerry Robinson, Co-Headteacher, Woodside High School

Oxfam Youth Ambassadors

Aaisha Islam,  Abdillahi Ali, Mahema Khalam, Caleb Kolawole-Johnson, Dottie Leveson , Maryam Malik, Amerisa Nutaj, Keira Reid and Caleb Scotland-Babini.