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The Dogs’ Trust

We were delighted to welcome The Dogs’ Trust to Woodside this week. Kelly from the Dogs’ Trust brought in her loyal companion, Tigger, to meet our students during PRS lessons. Tigger is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross and was rescued by The Dogs’ Trust after suffering neglect and cruelty.

Kelly led a really informative workshop about the importance of responsible dog ownership and the commitment required. Students even got to experience a bit of dog training as Kelly encouraged volunteers to come up and practise basic command with Tigger such as ‘sit’ and ‘roll over.’ Tigger was extremely well behaved and friendly throughout all of the workshops. Michael in Year 7 said:

“Meeting Tigger was amazing! I never thought I would get the opportunity to learn how to train a dog at school. When I am older I want to get a dog and now I know how important it is to train dogs properly.”

Naz in Year 7 said:

“I used to be a bit scared of dogs, but meeting Tigger today has helped me to get over that fear. It was a great experience.”