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LGBT History Month

February is LGBT History Month and Woodside High School’s Equality Group have been working hard to contribute to the school’s celebrations. They have created short biographies of notable role models and displayed them all around the school to inspire and inform. They have also been leading assemblies and talking to students across the whole school about the importance of celebrating LGBT History Month. This week the Equality Group launched Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign – an important campaign to promote greater equality in sports. Research tells us that many lesbian, gay, bi and trans people feel that sport, particularly team sport, may not welcome them. At Woodside, one of our key school values is to “respect people for who they are, embrace diversity and celebrate our differences”. If people feel welcome and able to be themselves, they will have the energy and confidence to take part in sport. Being good at something should have nothing to do with sexual orientation or gender identity. When people feel like they can be open with those around them they perform better and can stop wasting energy hiding who they are, and we want everyone at Woodside to feel happy, supported and able to thrive.

Woodside’s Equality Group applied to Stonewall for some rainbow laces and were lucky enough to get 100 pairs. The Equality Group decided that students in school sports teams and clubs should be the ones to wear the laces in their sports shoes so that they could represent Woodside’s values and show our shared support when they take part in competitions at other schools. They have also designed and ordered rainbow wristbands so that everyone can demonstrate their Woodside Pride throughout LGBT History Month and beyond!

The Equality Group also created a short film to celebrate LGBT History Month which you can see here!