Woodside High School

Encore!! Encore!!

Haringey Schools Music Festival Royal Albert Hall 2022 from Haringey Music Service on Vimeo.

What an exhilarating and monumental experience! Haringey Music Service produced a large-scale event at the Royal Albert Hall on Friday 1st April 2022. 

The concert encompassed poetry, British Sign Language and an array of fantastic music from Haringey musicians and singers/rappers across the borough. 

It was an absolute joy seeing and hearing the performances from ‘Hero Jam’ to ‘How big is your dream?’ The songs written by Ty Lowe and Peter Desmond were inspiring and so enriching for the performers and the audience listening in the prestigious arena.  Showcasing the young talent and working collectively as a community was empowering and rewarding.    

A massive thank you to the Haringey Music Service team, especially Dan Earley, Nick Walker, Abi Munson, Catty Alberman and all the instrumental staff  – you have certainly exceeded yourselves. All of the team’s hard work throughout the event certainly paid off!!

Also thank you to the Woodside Musicians and Singers who took part in the event.

Nina ABDULLAHI, Sultan BINBOGA, Alica Chapman, Shania-Rae CLARKE,   Hazel FAULKES,  Ezel Kupeli, Rhea MEHTA,  Ryon Mellowship, Sophie MORGAN, Dinavi NGOMBO, Bradley PEMBELE,  Asya TASKAN, Shermira VINCENT, Helena Lucena, Gabriela Lucena,  Brandon BAK, Rebal SASI, rhylee ASAR, Sapphire STEVENSON, Florin KRAASNIQI, Azjune WEEKES, Asia'h BLAKE WILLIAMS and Akello GRIER-GREENAWAY.   

We are so proud of you all!  

I would also like to thank Mrs Frost, Clara Serra and Ms Crook who also contributed to making the concert a success.  We are truly grateful for your support and dedication to Woodside musicians and singers. 

It was an absolute pleasure being a part of the 'Unsung Heroes'. 

For all parents and staff who attended the concert - thank you too for the support and positive feedback! 

What a great way to finish the Spring Term! 

Looking forward to 2024! 

Ms Danso