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WHS Discovery Series: Psychology 

The first session of our Discovery Series took place last week, giving our students a taste of what A Level psychology is like. 

"Once again, we Year 11 students were offered a wonderful chance to delve deeper into the post-16 curriculum. This time it was with City of London Academy Highgate Hill’s brilliant Ms Zambon, exploring the country’s second most popular subject: Psychology.

Being one of the most interesting subjects, it’s easy to see why so many people turned up, eager to have a go at answering the biggest question there is, why are humans the way we are? It was an amazing opportunity, run as a real lesson to give us a flavour of sixth form style study and acting as an introduction to a whole new area of interest to all who attended. Fun and enabling, full of friendly people and interesting ideas this taster session has, I’m sure, introduced a whole new generation of aspiring psychologists to the world."

B.Lovas, Head Prefect