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Teaching is outstanding and teachers have the highest expectations for their students. Teachers constantly work with students to achieve the very best." - Ofsted 2014

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Congratulations Woodside High on achieving Master School Certification

All stakeholders at Woodside High invested a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort into getting our students to read and quiz to an optimal level. This wonderful commitment and dedication allowed us to attain the pinnacle of success with Renaissance Learning: Master School Certification. This means that the data for 25 weeks reflected:  90% of our students attaining 85% and over average % correct on their quizzing, 25 minutes of daily engaged reading time and 80% of the points earned were from independent reading.

Out of 5000 schools doing Renaissance Learning we are only the 10th school to achieve Master School Certification. Even though we are the 2nd secondary school to achieve this award, we are the 1st to achieve it with 3 year groups.  Students are thriving with the accelerated reader programme and are constantly driven by their own success. Their enjoyment of reading allows them to improve their comprehension skills and the quizzing is a key element to retrieving important information.

The chase for Master classes had us all enthralled. Students and teachers gave up their free time to hone in on gaps and fill them. Every Master Class achieved became a banner for success and inspired others to follow.  English teachers, support staff, tutors and Library staff used a methodical step by step strategy of diagnostically identifying students who needed the boost. This was instrumental in uplifting the data. The enticing buzz of 100% for a quiz became addictive and adrenaline pumped through veins as the drive to accomplish intensified. Competition between classes became rife as everyone dug in deep for the courage to knock out that one more red arrow. Well done to our students who never gave up.

This is truly an incredible moment of success.