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Year 6 Transition

We have a well-established programme which makes the transition from primary to secondary school as smooth as possible. Please take some time to look at our resources here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child is absent?

For safety reasons, it is vital that we know as soon as possible if your child is going to be absent from school.  Please call us on 020 8889 6761, option 1, and leave a message stating your child’s name, Tutor Group and, where possible, length of absence. We also ask that you send in a note explaining your child’s absence on their first day back (this can be written in the student planner). We will contact parents/carers of any child with an unauthorised absence by text message on the first day of absence.

What if my child is late?

All students who are late should report to the main reception with a note explaining their lateness, reception will then mark them present and hand the child a late slip to show to their class teacher.  The school takes punctuality to school very seriously and students who are late to school will receive a 45 minute detention on the same day. Parents/carers will be notified by text.

What happens if my child misses an exam?

If your child is sitting a public exam and they are absent, they will not be able to sit it at a later date. Therefore, it is important they attend all of their examinations.

How do I apply for my child to have free school meals?

Please take a look at the Free School Meals page.

To see our school lunch menu for the Autumn Term, click here!

How can I pay for my child’s school meals?

Woodside High School has a cashless catering system

We ask Parents/Carers to pay for Dinner Money, and School trips, using our on-line payment partner, ParentPay. This is a totally secure method of payment – please contact the School for your log-in details to start using this service.

To see our school lunch menu for the Autumn Term, click here!

What happens if my child has a detention after school?

Behaviour Detentions

After school detentions are usually only given to students failing to hand their homework in on more than one occasion or for poor behaviour. Parents/carers are informed of detentions a minumum of 24 hours beforehand via text, letter or phone call home, unless they are late to school in which case they will have a 45 minute detention on the same day. Ms Spencer is the point of contact within the school for detentions and can be contacted on 020 8829 2507 if you have any enquiries. Students can be kept behind for up to 15 minutes without notice.

Punctuality Detentions

Attendance and punctuality is taken very seriously at Woodside. School begins at 8:40am and students are expected to be in their form rooms, ready for registration, by 8:30am. If a student arrives at school after 8:40am, they will be marked as late and will get a 45 minute after-school detention on the same day and parents/carers will be notified by text.

My child needs to leave school early for an appointment. How do I contact them?

Please do not contact them by their personal mobile. If you call the school on 020 8889 6761 someone will assist you and pass on the message.

I want my child to leave Woodside High School. What do I do?

You need to apply for a new school through the local authority; your child must continue to attend Woodside High until they have been put on the roll of their new school.

My child is leaving Woodside High School to go abroad permanently. What do I do?

We need to see the original travel tickets for your child. We will also need this in writing, addressed to the attendance and admissions officer. This should also state your child’s last day at Woodside High.

We are going on a family holiday during term time. What should I do?

The law only allows head teachers to allow absence in exceptional circumstances. A holiday in term time is not an exceptional circumstance. Taking your child out of school during term time for a holiday will mean that your child misses valuable education, which they will not be able to get back, and could leave them behind other members of their class and struggling in their lessons. Holidays taken during school time will be marked as unauthorised in the register, and, in partnership with Haringey Council, any parent who takes their child out of school to go on holiday may be subject to a penalty fine or prosecution in Court under the Education Act 1996. sec 444(1). Your child may also lose their school place, and you would have to reapply for a school place. We may not be able to offer you a place back at Woodside High School.

How does the School use the 'Pupil Premium'?

For more information regarding the 'Pupil Premium' please take the time to read the Pupil Premium page.

What basic equipment should my child’s bag contain?

The school planner, pens (red, green, blue / black), pencil (x2), rubber, sharpener, 30cm ruler, coloured pencils, highlighters,  reading book, Renaissance reading bookmark.

Why is the student planner so important?

The student planner helps students organise their work.  It helps students record and plan their home learning. It is also the first point of Home – School communication. Tutors check and sign the planner on a weekly basis, and we ask parents/carers to do the same. It is one of the ways in which you can share messages with your child’s teachers.

How does my child buy a school dinner?

Breakfast and breaktime snacks cost between 50p and £1.50 per item, and lunchtime meal deals cost £2.25. We operate a cashless system for anyone who pays for their dinner.  Parents/carers can pay money at any time via Parent Pay or by seeing Ms Wedlock in the Student reception.  Please ensure where possible that your child’s account is kept topped up. Free School Meals are automatically processed. 

To see our school lunch menu for the Autumn Term, click here!

Can my child take a packed lunch to school?

Yes – this can then be eaten in the canteen or playground and must comply with our Healthy Eating Policy.

My child has to take some medicine during the school day, what should I do? 

Please call us at the school so that we can set up a time to meet with you to discuss your child’s medication requirements.  Based on this we will draw up a care plan and then designate a specific person who can help your child take their medicine.  The link person for this is Ms Wedlock or the school nurse, Ms Deniz.

To see our school lunch menu for the Autumn Term, click here!

What if i want to speak to someone about my child’s education?

If you have any concerns at all about any aspect of your child’s education or progress, then we encourage you to call us / write a note in your child’s planner requesting a meeting with the Tutor or Year Attainment Manager. If it is a general query or the subject teacher concerned if it is a query about a specific lesson. The Who to Contact flowchart may help you decide who is the right person for you to talk to and this School Community document gives more information about Woodside's school community. 

What if my child forgets their tie or is wearing incorrect uniform?

At Woodside High School we have very high expectations about school uniform.

It may be possible for your child to borrow spare uniform items from reception but if this is not possible parents/carers will be contacted and asked to bring in the correct uniform item or your child will be sent home to change into correct uniform. Only medical notes from a GP are accepted as a reason for not wearing correct school shoes.

What if my child is being bullied?

We take all forms of bullying seriously as a school and will act swiftly, firmly and supportively to deal with any instances of bullying.  A concerned child or parent/carer can speak to any member of school staff including a member of the student Leadership team, Tutor, Year Attainment Manager or a member of Senior Leadership Team. The school will then investigate the issue fully and act in the best interests of the children involved.  At all stages of the process the child and parent/carer will be kept informed of events. 

Is there anyone in the school who can translate for me?

There are a number of members of staff at Woodside who speak additional languages and can translate if necessary. Languages spoken include Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Bengali, French, Italian and Russian. Please let the person who you are meeting with know if you would like a translator.

Who can i speak to about financial assistance for school trips and/or school uniform?

You may write a letter to your child’s YAM, explaining the situation. This will then be passed to a member of the Senior Leadership Team to see whether it is possible to offer support through our Hardship Fund.

Will I get a copy of my child’s timetable?

Your child’s timetable should be written in their student planner. However, particularly for new students, it is customary for some adjustments to be made to their timetable during the first few weeks. Parents/carers can see an updated copy of their child’s timetable via the Parent Gateway. You can find out more about the Parent Gateway on the school website.

What sort of after school clubs are there?

There are a range of after school clubs for students. These include academic boosters (Period 7 lessons) in most curriculum areas. There is a Homework Club in the library each day. There are also a wide variety of sporting clubs including football, netball, athletics and dance. Other after school clubs include our Debating Society, our Oxfam Youth Ambassadors Group, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and many others. A full list of clubs is made available each term.

How can I get involved in the life of the school?

Working in partnership with parents and carers is key and you are warmly invited to join the Family and Friends of Woodside group. A friendly and informal group, Family and Friends of Woodside are part of the life of school from fundraising to helping shape school policy. Whether you are interested in becoming a regular member or just dropping in occasionally, everyone is welcome.