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Woodside High hosts First Oxfam FYS Forum

Woodside High hosted its first Oxfam FYS Forum on Friday 25th November 2016. It was a day to celebrate diversity and focus on Globalisation and discuss the impact of the refugee crisis. The whole event was led by the Year 11 Organisers who arranged and delegated all roles of the students who took part amongst themselves. There were visits from Northumberland Park School and Alexandra Park School who had their own fantastic ideas and action plans that they had discussed and wanted to implement in their own schools, alongside our Year 10 students.

Gulwali Passarlay who is the author of "The Lightless Sky" was our guest speaker and spoke about his journey of when he had to leave Iraq, how he had to deal with prejudices and discrimination and his uprising to make him who he is today. He was very inspirational and his story was very touching and heart warming. It was an experience to hear his story and also Josephine Libel from Oxfam. Josephine spoke about the refugee experience and how many people are fleeing to safety because their homes were no longer safe. Gulwali mentioned that "When you see a refugee, be kind to them and offer them help if you can."  Very positive and encouraging to remind us that everyone needs a helping hand every now and then.

The Woodside Oxfam FYS Forum even had their own skype session with the Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci School in Rome, this is one of the partnership schools that is part of the Forum; as well as schools in Lithuania and Cyprus who were having their Forums simultaneously. The Sculola Da Leonardo Da Vinci held their Forum on the same day and time as we did at Woodside High and it was fun to find out what they were doing at their Forum.

The Art Exhibition had some really stunning pictures that evoked the mood of refugees and captured some rare and beautiful moments. There were also life jackets that were worn by refugees brought to the exhibition, this engaged the students to understanding that men, women and children were using these life jackets to escape the dangers that they felt that they faced. It was a truly touching experience. The Virtual Reality refugee experience allowed students the awareness to understand using technology what difficulties refugees have to face on a daily basis, even our Co-Headteacher Ms Robinson gave it a go!


The Oxfam FYS Forum was inspiring and moving. Onwards and upwards to the next Forum and moving forward to create change.


By the Oxfam Youth Ambassadors