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UK Disability History Month

Tuesday 22nd of November marked the beginning of Disability History Month in the UK.  This year’s theme will focus on the language used to describe disabled people and the language disabled people use to express themselves. Often, we use language without thinking about its context or etymology; words like stupid, idiotic or retarded are highly offensive in contemporary society but were once used in medical institutions and by professionals to describe individual’s learning needs. Understanding this history helps us to be more aware of the connotations of language and the offense it can cause.


Over the month, here at Woodside, we will be learning about each other’s individual needs: by understanding terminology such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD we can support each other in the classroom and around the school so that we can feel safe and achieve
our very best.

We have already had assemblies led by the Equalities Group, seen a presentation created by Year 9 student Carla Hewitt displayed on screens around school and have had a ‘Disability History Month Hero’ displayed on every classroom door.