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Teaching is outstanding and teachers have the highest expectations for their students. Teachers constantly work with students to achieve the very best." - Ofsted 2014

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School Council Take Over the Senior Leadership Team

On Friday 18th November, for the third year running, the students on the main school council took over the running of the school as each of them became a member of the leadership team for the day. The students took on their new roles with an eager determination and professionalism, showing great leadership qualities.  

The staff at Woodside were amazed at how effortlessly the students undertook the day-to-day tasks of the leadership team such as planning assemblies, chairing meetings and even teaching lessons!   The students' feedback proved they had a fantastic day, even if they did think that being a full time member of the leadership team would be 'really hard work!' 

Patricia Ssonka, a member of the year 7 student council, took on the role as co-headteacher for the day. No easy task, as Patricia soon came to realise!  She delved straight into her new role by leading the staff morning briefing, speaking in front of the entire staff body of Woodside.   Although faced with a daunting task: 'I was very intrigued as I had never been to the staff room before... I will never forget how horrified and scared I was'   Patricia soon overcame her nerves: 'before I knew it, it was over and I had a blast!'

Many of the students assisted the members of the leadership team in patrolling the school throughout the day; a task that requires a solid pair of walking shoes!  Tierney Gumisiriza, a member of the year 8 student council who was shadowing Ms Simpson commented 'we had to walk around the whole school... being a senior leader is really hard; there are so many jobs to do.'


The students also came to appreciate how much work teachers do behind the scenes.  Gertrude Ozetem, a member of the year 10 student council who shadowed Mr Thomas for the day was amazed when she discovered ' just how much time, effort and hard work teachers put in to ensure students have the best possible learning experience in school.' 

The leadership team all agreed that the students were an invaluable asset to the leadership team that day.  Every student in every role stepped up to the mark and proved themselves to be great future leaders .