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Anne Frank exhibition comes to Woodside High

This term we have been fortunate enough to host the acclaimed Anne Frank exhibition as part of the work we are doing to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day at Woodside High.

The Anne Frank Trust’s work in schools aims to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination. Using the inspiration of teenage diarist Anne Frank, who ultimately died at the hands of the Nazis, Year 9 Student Council members at Woodside were trained as peer educators, so that they could deliver exhibition tours and presentations to other students.

The Anne Frank Trust believes that the way to address prejudice in the long-term is to challenge, through education and early intervention, the attitudes and behaviours that fuel and drive it. A lack of understanding, respect and fear of people from other cultures, religions, races and countries can create negative stereotypes and contribute to the rise of prejudice.  The Anne Frank Trust works with schools to empower young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination. As our Woodside Shared Values states: “We will be polite and respect people for who they are, embrace diversity and celebrate our differences”.

Sadaf Khan, Bersan Aksu, Iulian Dogarescu, Jade Willoughby, Dottie Leveson, Lamar Rose-Edgar, Keira Reid and Paris Da Silva, Janiz Djafer,  Berkay Durak, Fatima Kiani, Carla Hewitt, Edson Cardoso and Berfin Top have all been working incredibly hard this week to become Peer Guides and have done a brilliant job of presenting the exhibition to Year 7.

Year 9 will work towards becoming Anne Frank Ambassadors so that they can be a living legacy of the programme in their schools and communities. Well done to all involved!